The Chronicle Of The Catholic Faith - Reflections

The Chronicle of the Catholic Faith - Reflections
by Rev Evaristus Uche Obikwelu
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The emergence of the social media has indeed changed the means of the global communications. It has unimaginable value for a positive use for the society, but also, could be a source of destruction when not used for the good of common good. When I started to use the social media, especially “Facebook” in my first post in the fall of 2014, I could recall that I said, “That I have opened my Facebook, and my prayer is that this medium of communication will lead to the knowledge of God by the humanity.” Assuredly, I can affirm that up and until today my posts on Facebook or Twitter have about ninety-five percent (95%) of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, reflections, meditations, and writings on different celebrations in the Church, such as the Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials, Optional Memorials, of the Most Holy Trinity, our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, The Saints, and Liturgical and Church events. As the result of this resolve, I have received many enriching and inspiring comments on the positive influence of my postings on the lives of many followers of my postings. Hence, many have asked me if it could be possible for me to compile these faith-based posts into a book so that people could have it at their fingertips, since it could be hard to go back to Facebook to search for them. The answer to these numerous requests is the reason why you are having this book in your hand. May God bless you as you read this book; May Our Lord Jesus guide your thoughts on them; May the Holy Spirit inspire your insights and Our Blessed Mother always be there for you with her motherly love, Amen! It is important also to note that one of the main reasons why I did not choose to place these reflections in the chronological order or according to the cycles of the readings, Solemnities, and the Feasts of the Saints is because I did not intend to limit the horizon of where the Holy Spirit would wish to move the reader to. God is not limited within time and space. Of course, this does not in any way at all suggest that I’m not in agreement with the Church Cycles of the Lectionary. No, that is not what I am getting at. I am simply speaking as an individual motivated every day, who reads the word of God according to the order that the Holy Mother Church has given us. Having said that, the messages come to me and took full possession of me, and in return I deliver them as they came to me. Therefore, at any time of the day that you open any page of this book, you will be edified by the word God you will encounter. Here is an example of what I am speaking about: November 29, 2014. Welcome to the threshold of Advent Season! Advent is from the Latin word, “Adventus”, which means coming or advancing. Here it implies the coming of our Lord Jesus at Christmas. But, there is another coming of the Lord, which is called, “Parousia” in Greek. This word is commonly used in the Church or among theologians and Liturgists as the Second Coming of Christ—the judgment day! Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas. It is a period we need to step back and reflect on the love that God the Father has for us. He sent His only Begotten Son, to come and be born of a Virgin, taking our flesh without sin, so that He could redeem us from our original sin committed by Adam and Eve and gain for us our salvation. This God’s grace or love requires cooperation on our own part. How do you and I respond to this love of God the Father that was made manifest at the incarnation? Simply by gratitude. Gratitude by redressing our steps and stop for a moment to ask: how is my daily life in the ordinariness of my daily events and activities with my family and neighbor reflect this gratitude? This question is central for the Advent Season. This is a clarion call for all Christians, especially Catholics to always be grateful. Amen. As I pray for all my parishioners this Advent Season, my family and friends are not left out. Have a Blessed Advent Season!























The Chronicle of the Catholic Faith - Reflections Rev Evaristus Uche Obikwelu
















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